Funeral Sinanovic in cooperation with Fonus 

Funeral Sinanovic in cooperation with Scandinavia's largest funeral company FONUS offers professional help in funeral transport from all over Scandinavia. 

We organize road and air transport from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland to all Balkan countries.

In addition, we handle all the demanding administrative tasks. Administrative work involves collection of mandatory documentation required for transportation. 

Fonus Group was founded in 1945. Today Fonus operates throughout Scandinavia with 340 offices and over 900 employees. 

We are proud of the confidence Fonus has showed us, who has also partnered with us. 

In the headquarters of FONUS in Stockholm, representatives of our company are working together to offer a fast and high quality transport service to all Balkan countries. 

Below you will find contact information. We will be happy to answer questions about funerals, legal questions or other questions you may have. Please call us if you want to schedule a funeral by telephone or book a meeting.